5 Business Travel Tips to Stay On Top of Your Game

It’s the little things. I’ll admit it, there have been times I would have paid $10 for a single hair-tie (i.e., on my way to a conference after neglecting to check the June weather forecast in Chicago). When you’re on the road, away from home and all of the convenient things that keep your life flowing steadily, forgetting an essential item can be distracting / annoying / seemingly life altering. Here’s a list of five ways to “keep it together” so you can focus on being a road warrior while traveling for business. Continue reading


It’s CLEAR: Another way to speed through airport security

With a simple fingerprint and iris scan, airline passengers are able to pass through airport security in less than five minutes. “Clear” allows fliers to pre-register their identifications, greatly reducing the ID checking process at the airport before approaching the physical screening. Continue reading

How Road Warriors Feel at Home in a Hotel

Business travelers can log millions of miles on the road each year- a lifestyle that often requires checking into a hotel instead of walking through their front door. Most hotels diligently strive to replicate the warm, inviting and comfortable environment of “home.” But, let’s face it… You’re not home. And the stress of travel followed by the stress of an unfamiliar environment is an instant and unwelcome negative side effect of traveling- ultimately weakening your road warrior spirit. Continue reading

2013 Resolution: Improve travel experiences with CADENCE

Trouble keeping your travel-related New Year’s Resolutions?

Cadence Travel Management can help you with that.
It happens every year… We watch the clock count down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, and suddenly the world is at our fingertips. Motivated and inspired to make this year the year we to live life to the fullest, we plan out our aspirations for the next twelve months. Continue reading

Cadence Travel Meetings & Incentives Services

Cadence CEO explains how to plan successful group travel

“We listen to the individual’s needs.” – Wendy Burk

In a world where everyone wants to be heard, the ability to listen is a lost art… But not for the passionate meeting planners at CADENCE.

From the moment our dedicated M&I division receives your phone call, we listen to your organization’s vision, acknowledge your group’s needs, and hear each traveler’s request.

We ask questions, questions and more questions to understand your desired outcome. We want to know your most intricate details of your goals… And once we do, we incorporate our creativity, experience and industry knowledge to prescribe the perfect fit… Above and beyond your expectations, every single time.


CADENCE understands group needs. Our deliberate practice of higher quality, intuitive service will turn an ordinary meeting into an extraordinary event… Because to us, it’s not just a meeting. It’s a rhythm of people joined together as a team, rowing the boat together, and creating a purposeful event. We take your vision and add in WOW factors every step of the way- for the individual, the group, and the organization.

Bottom line: what we are committed to doing for you is a reflection of who we are.

Relevant: Being engaged in what we do keeps us relevant, and our agility keeps us “in the now,” with innovation and fresh, exciting perspectives.
Precise: Our attention to detail allows us to deliver flawless results.
Flexible: You will never hear us say, “Sorry, that’s what way we’ve always done it!”
Passionate: We are planning our next adventure on the ride home from our last one… We love what we do and it shows.

Ready to be heard? Book your next travel meeting with Cadence at www.cadencegroups.com.