How referring another company will help yours

At CADENCE, relationships are our most important asset. We’ve actually gained most of our business from client referrals, and this leads us to wonder… besides our referral reward program, does referring us benefit our client too? Here’s three reasons we think so.

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Referring companies makes you trustworthy.
Referrals allow you to provide a solution to a need, even if it is outside your own list of products and services. By being the “supply” to someone’s “demand,” even indirectly, you’ve earned some serious trust and credibility in the eyes of your client or colleague.

Referring companies fosters great business relationships.
Do you ever have enough positive networking influences? Giving great referrals is a natural and effortless way to build a powerful community of industry experts to share ideas and solutions with. As your network grows, so do your opportunities.

Referring companies increases your value.
A good referral is invaluable and more often than not, reciprocated whenever possible. When you increase the quantity and quality of referrals between your clients and network, you can expect a stronger sense of loyalty (and a great deal of new business) to come your way.

With that being said, we’d like to invite you to refer our travel company. If you’ve had a great experience using our travel services or know an organization that would benefit from professional travel management, please pass along when the opportunity arises. We’d love to get to know you and be able to do the same for you.


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