How Delta is Squeezing Larger Bins & More Seats on its Planes

This winter, Delta is planning on spending $770 million dollars and three years to revamp 225 of its planes. Every seat will be given electrical power, and most planes will be receiving new seats and larger overhead bins. (Specifically, six more on the Airbus A319 model, ten more on A320, and nineteen more on Boeing 757-200’s). And exactly how do they plan to do that?delta-airlines-fleetThe Boeing 757-200 is finding the extra room by installing a smaller and lighter framed “slim-line” seat. With less space requirements for the new galley kitchens and a decreased amount of business-class seating, nineteen extra coach seats can be a comfortable addition. You won’t notice any difference in legroom, but your seat will be a little wider when flying on an Airbus.

While they’re at it, Delta will also be giving an interior makeover to the planes it bought from Northwest Airlines in 2008, in effort to create a consistent look.


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