Why Do We Have to Take Our Laptops Out at the Airport?

If you’ve ever pondered the point of putting your laptop in a separate bin during the physical screening portion of the airport security line, there are two good reasons… And neither include, “To make the line go slower.”

1. To make more room to see the contents of your bag

2. To ensure the laptop properly passes the X-ray (i.e., nothing is found concealed inside of it).

TSA officers have just about three seconds to make assessments on each piece of technology that passes through security- so the better view you provide for them, the quicker they can accomplish safety procedures.

Anything smaller than the size of a standard laptop (12-24″) can remain in your bag (except video recorders that use cassettes). Meaning you don’t have to pull every electronic out of your bag- just the larger items.

Of course, if you’re ever in doubt, just pull it out of your bag.

And here’s a tip: When taking your items out of your carry-on bag, put your bag through the X-Ray machine first. This way, when you get the other side, you can open your bag and immediately begin to replace it with your items as soon as they come down the conveyer belt.

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