5 Business Travel Tips to Stay On Top of Your Game

It’s the little things. I’ll admit it, there have been times I would have paid $10 for a single hair-tie (i.e., on my way to a conference after neglecting to check the June weather forecast in Chicago). When you’re on the road, away from home and all of the convenient things that keep your life flowing steadily, forgetting an essential item can be distracting / annoying / seemingly life altering. Here’s a list of five ways to “keep it together” so you can focus on being a road warrior while traveling for business.

1. Keep a ready-to-go travel essentials bag filled with all the little things that you really only notice when you don’t have them. If you need some inspiration, this Minimergency Kit is a compact and sheek bag filled with mini versions of lifesavers for him and her. They make great gifts. The “for her” version includes earring backs, a tiny sewing kit and buttons, clear nailpolish, and more.

Minimergency-kit2. Buy a second set of tech essentials and keep them in your travel bag- phone charger, earbuds, stylus, portable charger, etc. This way you will never forget them at the house…  And as an extra bonus, you’ll always have a spare when you’re not traveling. Just remember to put it back!

3. Purchase a set of small refillable toiletry travel bottles and make a habit of refilling them upon the return of each trip. You’ll never be stranded without your go-to products and have one less thing to do when packing for your next business trip.

4. Prepare to relax. You may be “all business” as you pack your wardrobe for your trip, but make room for a casual outfit to wear, and if you can fit, your sneakers. Making a point to pack these items will encourage you to get out and about and be active. When you take time for yourself, whether it be an early morning walk or a few hours of sightseeing, you will naturally be more productive and focused. Alertness Solutions, headed by Mark Rosekind, PhD, a former director of NASA’s Fatigue Countermeasures Program, conducted a study of travelers on trips crossing more than two time zones and lasting two to four days. The study confirmed that those who exercised during their trip performed an amazing 61% better than non-exercisers! [Source: WebMd.com]

5. Download apps to make your trip more efficient. Did you upload your itinerary to TripCase? Does your hotel have an app? Do you have a translation app for the country you’re visiting? Do you know if your airline or location has Wi-Fi? Do you know a good spot to eat when you arrive? Do you have a way to organize your receipts? There are dozens and dozens of helpful travel apps that will keep you informed of your destination as well as each leg of your journey. Take advantage of the convenient knowledge at your fingertips- to start, check out these business travel apps.

Do you have a great business travel tip to eliminate unnecessary stress? Leave it in the comments section below!



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