It’s CLEAR: Another way to speed through airport security

With a simple fingerprint and iris scan, airline passengers are able to pass through airport security in less than five minutes. “Clear” allows fliers to pre-register their identifications, greatly reducing the ID checking process at the airport before approaching the physical screening.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 11.00.56 AMThis month, Houston added the program to the Bush Intercontinental and William P. Hobby Airports, adding to the list that currently includes Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, Denver, San Jose, San Fransisco, Orlando and Westchester County airport in New York.

In a recent article by the Houston Chronicle, CEO Caryn Sneidman-Becker said, “Clear cures one of the great bottlenecks of travel. This is the security checkpoint line and not knowing whether that line will take two seconds or 30 minutes. Clear is about being a reliable predictable travel experience.”

As the TSA PreCheck program is received with mixed reviews, with some fliers experiencing wait times equal to or longer than that of the traditional security line, it’s nice to have another choice in the expediting process. (One Stop and Global Entry are two others).

Joining Clear is simple. After signing up conveniently online or at the airport, you perform an iris and fingerprint scan in person, and then wait for your Clear ID card to come in the mail. From then on, fliers swipe their Clear ID card at the airport and perform a quick fingerprint and iris scan before heading straight to remove their shoes as usual.

A Yelp review of the Clear in San Francisco International airport read, “Clear is fantastic, a big time and stress-saver that adds predictability to the airport security experience. Combine it with TSA Pre, and you have an experience that is actually enjoyable.”

Clear costs $179 for the first person, or add a second for $50. Discount plans are available for certain affiliations- you can find additional information here:

If you’d like more information about your options at the airport, contact a Cadence Business Travel specialist!



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