How to Pack for a Quick Business Trip

Road warriors do one thing: focus on their goal. The last thing you need is the added stress of packing. Cadence CEO and Founder, Wendy Burk, shares her expertise on throwing together a suitcase for a quick business trip.

Cadence Business Travel

One Suit:
If the business trip involves just a few days away, one dark-colored suit that will appear professional with different shirts. If you’re truly limited on space, wear the jacket on the plane to save room.

Pack a Limited Color Palette:
Stick to a few tones, which will likely be neutrals to ensure your clothing can be mixed and matched easily.

Think Lightweight Accessories:
For women, this will likely involve scarves, necklaces and cardigans. Men can switch out their ties or shirts to add variety to a suit. Packing an extra pair of boots or jacket will change the tone of an outfit, but fill your suitcase quickly.

Just One Pair of Shoes:
If you can find a pair of shoes that’s easy to slip off at security, comfortable enough for walking and stylish enough to be in a meeting, it’s a perfect choice. Wrinkles are actually primarily caused by the weight of other objects, so keep shoe collection to a minimum. Try for one pair of shoes/ pumps for travel and work, and a second set of athletic shoes for time to hit the gym or take a good walk!

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