2013 Resolution: Improve travel experiences with CADENCE

Trouble keeping your travel-related New Year’s Resolutions?

Cadence Travel Management can help you with that.
It happens every year… We watch the clock count down to midnight on New Year’s Eve, and suddenly the world is at our fingertips. Motivated and inspired to make this year the year we to live life to the fullest, we plan out our aspirations for the next twelve months.

Because our travel specialists at Cadence thrive on providing solutions and simplifying your life, there is one resolution we hope to see on everyone’s list this year:

“Improve travel experiences.”

There’s a very good chance that you’ll be traveling this year. Whether you’re planning an unforgettable getaway or clocking miles as a road warrior, improving your travel experience is undoubtedly a return on investment for your health and happiness.

Here are our to five tips to improve your travel experience:

1. Have peace of mind

When it comes to your safety, health and travel investment, peace of mind is a definite priority. According to the US Travel Insurance Association, one out of every six persons who purchase travel insurance end up filing a claim. We believe purchasing travel insurance should be just as much a part of pre-trip planning as packing your suitcase, so we’ve made comparing, quoting and purchasing travel insurance easier than ever- visit www.cadencetravelinsurance.com to check out our simplified process of the nation’s best selling coverage options.

2. Enjoy the airport

Still doing that “rushing through the airport” thing? It’s time to slow down. Airports all over the world are providing opportunities for indulgence, relaxation and even a few errands. More than a dozen airports (Miami, Denver and Salt Lake, to name a few) offer fifteen minute or even hour long spa services. Minneapolis St. Paul features an indoor walking path that stretches for 1.4 miles- a great way to get your blood flowing between checking your dog in at the Pet Hotel, visiting the various play areas with the children, or grabbing a quick haircut at the salon. Los Angeles International even keeps an 18-hole golf course open next door for avid-golfers. It’s an inevitable part of your trip- make the most of it!

3. Sleep well while on the road

Unless you snagged a seat on Delta’s new flat beds, airplanes are a far cry from the comforts of home… but sometimes you spend more time on them than at your destination. Cadence CEO and founder Wendy Burk, who clocked in well over 50,000 miles in 2012, offers up her advice. “While resting en route, bring a throw away pair of socks to put on and an eye mask, have your favorite tunes downloaded on your device, and relax. Enjoy the moments of being in transit… no matter how long or short the flight. And once you arrive, get on the local time zone immediately- and be in the moment.”

4. Eat healthy on the road

Vacations are a time to let loose, but not necessarily your belt buckle. You will enjoy your travel experience a whole lot more if you’re feeling great from the inside out, and that requires paying extra attention to your eating patterns. Wendy has a few tricks up her sleeve for keeping her diet in check: “Plan ahead. Pack your own special treats and varied snack packs so you are not enticed by the awesome aromas of the fast food! Being prepared with your own favorite choices for snacking is essential for making good decisions.” That’s not to say she doesn’t indulge in a hot Cinnabon roll every now and then… “If u give yourself permission to have that special treat, final tip: eat the middle only… it’s the best part, and everyone knows the outside is only there to keep the inside warm!”

5. Be prepared for anything

With all the incredible technological advances out there, it’s a shame that anyone could be stumped by a foreign road sign or unable to find free WiFi. To keep you on top of your travel details, we’ve put together a collection of our favorite travel apps in our convenient Cadence Travel App Guide 2013.  It’s interactive, so you can click the app of your choice for more information or go directly to your smartphone’s app store to download to your device. From cruise apps to currency converters to business travel apps, you’re sure to find a way to keep yourself prepared for anything. We also have a fantastic list of Travel Resources for before, day of, and during travel.

You really do deserve to have it all.

Ask one of our travel specialists to help you plan your next business trip, meeting or vacation. You will be amazed at the quality of personal service and level of detail incorporated in making your travel dreams a reality.

This year, it’s time for a change. Improve your travel experience. We’re here to help.



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