CADENCE’s CEO Wendy Burk Shares Her Secret Sauce

Our Secret Sauce

CEO Wendy Burk shares her secret recipe for success

1. Culture

What is our distinguishing value here at CADENCE? One simple word: culture. The way we think, act, follow up, execute and complete your travel plans is handled with deliberateness and care.

2. Attention to detail

We pay attention to every detail and deliver an intuitive service by learning all about you, the Traveler.

3. Vendor and client relationships

Vendor and client relationships are key- creating a winning dialogue for each individual.

4. Passion

We love what we do and it shows. Years of raving testimonies prove we are here and engaged in the process.

5. Innovation

Our strategy is simple at CADENCE. We create, implement and execute with your (the traveler) input. Innovation is in our DNA.

6. Empowerment

CADENCE empowers their employees and affiliates to add value to the relationships and modify as needed. We treat each traveler as special and significant.

7. Leadership

Our nimble, agile and dynamic leaders are key ingredients to our continued success.

8. Strategic Alliances

In a changing industry, CADENCE is surrounded with great people and strong strategic alliances, mixed together to create a valuable service.

9. Consistency

We are marching forward and keeping our CADENCE, a world of travel in sync with you.

10. You

As a CADENCE client, your travel dreams are our inspiration, your loyalty is invaluable, and your referrals are the best compliment we could receive.

Want to learn more about the CADENCE secret sauce? Contact one of our passionate, experienced travel specialists today.


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